How to enter License Code

How to Activate Your License Key

Once you receive your license key from us by email, you can activate it.

1. Run LionSea All-in-One Converter by double-clicking the LionSea Converter icon on your desktop or by selecting “Start All Programs |  LionSea Converter  |  LionSea Converter”


2.Click“Help” and then choose “Register” .


2. Copy your license code such as (1233555xxxxxxxxxxx) from your order email

NOTE: Please select the whole license text and copy it by pressing“CTRL+C” in you r keyboard  

3. Go Back to LionSea All-in-One Converter Register window and left click your mouse on the textbox, and then paste the license key into the textbox by pressing "CTRL+V" in your keyboard :

4. Click "Register", then your software is completely activated. You will feel free to use it!

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