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Welcome to LionSea All- in- One Video Converter Support Center!

Here you can find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about this converter program. If, however, you cannot find the answers to your questions here, please contact our support team. We will be very happy to solve the problems for you. Our goal is to help customers make video processing as quickly as possible!

TOP 8 Questions

Q1: Can LionSea All- in -One Video Converter support MAC OS X 10.6?

Yes. Please download the latest version of LionSea Video Converter for MAC.


Q2. What are trial limitations of this software?

It has a 30-days evaluation period and some trial limitations. Generally speaking, the trial limitations apply to a watermark or partial conversions of the original video.


Q3.What kind of formats can be supported by LionSea All- in-One Converter?

Please click Supported Formats to find the complete Format Reference of LionSea All-in-One Video Converter.


Q4. When I want to use this software to convert my DVD, the program says it doesn't support

the copyright-protected DVD. Why?

LionSea All- in- One Video Converter cannot be used to process a copyright-protected DVD, for it would be a violation of the copyright law.


Q5. I want to reinstall the program on my new PC. How can I do that?

Every LionSea All –in- One Video Converter license key can be used up to five times to activate the software if you acquire a replacement PC or suffer from a fatal data loss. Please note that you may not install the software into multiple PCs and use them at the same time.


Q6. I have recently re structuring my computer and would like to retrieve my LionSea all- in -one Video Converter?

Please visit our Lost Activation Information page.


Q7. I meet an error when I try to activate my program.

Maybe the activation key you have entered is not correct. Are you using an old registration key (acquired when you purchased a previous version of the software) to activate a newly acquired version of the software? When you acquire a new version of this software, you need to purchase a new activation key.
If the errors still happen, please visit our
Lost Activation Information page and you will be sent the download link of your version of LionSea All- in- One Video Converter.


Q8: I want to use LionSea All- in-One Video Converter on both my desktop and laptop. How can I do that?

LionSea All- in -One Video Converter are licensed on per computer basis, not on per user, site or company basis. If you want to use the program on both your desktop and laptop, you have to purchase two licenses.

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