How to Register

1. Run LionSea All-in-One Converter by double-clicking the LionSea Converter icon on your desktop or Select “Start All Programs | LionSea |  LionSea  Video Converter”


2. Click “Help” and then choose“Register”  


3. Click the button “Order”

Then it will be linked to the following web page for register :

4. Choose the option

First of all, make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet

4.1   Click “Credit Card” or  “PayPal”

4.2 Open the email account that you register with the software
4.3 Click the “Register” link in the Main window
4.4 Open your internet browser   

4.5 Wait for the approval e-mail to get your license key(问二)

4. 6 Copy the “User Name” and “Regisration Code” to the register window

4.7 Click the button “Register”


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